Welcome to My Family Trees

I’m Sam Kendal and I am a freelance family history researcher and genealogist.

To access one of my family trees, simply select it from the above drop down menu or click one of the following names:

The only tree uploaded so far is Magill

Bilton                   Hall               Kendal                   Magill                 Martin                 McCann               McGinty

This page is currently under construction but it will eventually show a range of family trees. In the interim, please visit my main website at www.researchancestorsireland.com That site includes details on the genealogy research services I provide.


In time, there will be many more trees and each one will be accompanied by a family tree chart.

Although many of my trees include Irish ancestry research, I also have significant family history research experience in The United Kigdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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In the interim please go to www.researchancestorsireland.com